We offer a large selection of children’s stools made of solid wood with matching tables with over 80 different motifs.
All children’s stools and chairs have a seat height of 25 cm.
They are made from the wood of the saman tree, which is cultivated as a crop in Thailand. This protects the natural forest resources.
Due to the humid tropical climate without growth breaks in winter, the trees grow evenly. Due to the weather and the environment, the trees develop many natural defensive substances that make the wood extremely durable. This makes the wood extremely resistant.
The stools and chairs are varnished and sealed with water-repellent and environmentally friendly nano paint.

Our children’s chairs and stools are manufactured in the north of Thailand in two different family businesses.
Each piece of Fairentry furniture is elaborately handcrafted and the motifs on them are lovingly drawn and engraved into the wood, making the furniture vivid and unique.

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