Who we are

Our producers are all small family businesses. Some of them are more craftsmen, others artists. But all of them make their products with fun and are proud to sign their own works in the future.

For us, personal contact is paramount. Once a week, we drop in on the makers of our stools to maintain this contact and clarify necessary matters in person.

In addition to our family businesses that actively produce our stools, chairs or triangular cushions, we still have a man on the ground in Thailand who takes care of the operations and makes weekly visits. The personal contact is very important and contributes to the fact that our product quality is high and the interpersonal climate is highly pleasant.

Our families work on fruit or rice farms, whose targeted harvests take place at specific times of the year, thus leaving room for furniture production. In this way, the families have succeeded in earning a constant income and, above all, expressing their artisanal side.

Our FairEntry team in Thailand takes care of shipping and logistical issues and is always available to answer detailed questions about the products.

Our warehouse and sales coordination are located in Germany.

Fair conditions and pleasant cooperation have always been important to us founders from Hanover. It is therefore a personal concern of ours to ensure the highest level of fairness and human interaction in Thailand as well. Direct contact with the family businesses is close to our hearts and our man on the ground ensures that every step is carried out well and fairly.